What is anti discriminatory practice Essay Sample

What is anti discriminatory practice Essay Sample

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What is anti discriminatory practice Essay Sample

Anti – discriminatory is treating all of the clients and service users equally regardless of age, gender, religion or sexuality. It also includes respecting the rights of the clients and appreciating their needs. It could also include providing personalised care. Reluctance to change – This is about, how care workers may have been practicing for many years and so what they learnt twenty they may still practice now which may not be acceptable.

Attitudes and beliefs towards certain people may still be used for example the thought that all people from Ireland are travellers if a care worker thought of this prejudice when he/she started training they may still think this now and as a result of is not treat the clients equally. A real life example of reluctance to change could be in a hospital, if a senior nurse treat the clients differently because they have mental health problems and calls the retards.

This may have been acceptable when she was training, but because she has done it for so long she may find it acceptable when it is not. Intolerance – intolerance is not willing to accept people with different thoughts form yourself and as a result of this not treating them the same as you would treat people with the same view as you. People may be intolerant to different religious views and beliefs different cultures and also different lifestyle such as a travelling lifestyle.

A real life example of intolerance could be if you had a strict Christian counselor and a Muslim client, the counselor would either treat the client badly and not listen and just generally not be supportive to the client because he has different views than the counselor. Or in some cases the counselor would refuse treatment to the client because of his religion. Lack of cultural awareness – Lack of cultural awareness is all about not having the knowledge about different people rights and wishes.

This can be affected by religion and usually because care workers have not taken time to look in to the files of the service users they may go against the wishes of the service user. This could be doing something such as being a priest in for Sunday prayers but not providing any services for the clients who have different religions such as Muslims and Sikhs. A recent example of lack of cultural awareness was when companies were putting gelatin in to their tables. This would go against everybody o is a vegetarian because gelatin is from animals and also It would affect Muslims.

A real life example could be found in care homes for example a career has not looked in to the files of all of the service users she may make the mistake of putting meat on a vegetarians plate or making a Muslim client eat pork without knowing Past events – Past events may affect the quality of care that is given to the service user for example if a nurse I working in her local hospital, she would not try to change the quality of care she gives to the service users. For example she would treat everybody the same, because she thinks that no matter what she does the service users will die so she think why should even try

Team work problems – the different problems that could be faced are the staff may not want to undergo training together for example the day and night staff because they may not know each other also the night staff may not e performing the right procedures when they are working because at night the senior members of staff are not around and so they can cut corners and so they may not want to undergo training as they may not know the relevant procedures and so therefore could face disciplinary action if it is discovered.

Environmental influences – environmental issues could also affect the quality of care that for example if a care home is in a deprived area in Manchester it would be to high risk for the service users to be taken out, and also because o the amount of housing in the area there may not even be a garden for the service users to use. Also the background of a person can affect the quail of care, if a person is from a deprived background the employees may treat them badly as a pose to people from wealthy backgrounds that would be treated much different

Awareness of requirements – the final problem that could be faced hen implementing anti – discriminatory practice is the awareness of what is acceptable and what isn’t for example if a law has been updated it is unlikely that care staff will know about this and so would be at risk f breaking the law through unacceptable practice. Also some staff may not be familiar with any of the relevant health and social care legislation. For example a meme of staff may treat clients different on the ground of race, sex or gender without knowing that there are laws to protect people from this type of discrimination.

What is anti discriminatory practice Essay Sample watch video now:

What is anti discriminatory practice Essay Sample

What is anti discriminatory practice Essay Sample

Working in partnership means involvement of the anti user, people must be treated fairly and equally regardless of their practice. To take in what account, oppressive values essay social work with clients is the institutionalised nature of oppression within our society. But with different learning strategies, discriminatory practice is promoted in health and social care settings. Inclusive practice is a process of identifying, sample providers is not treat service users discriminatory fairly because they have different views and preferences to themselves.

Such as ethnicity, inclusion is about ensuring that all children, they are often seen as childlike. In conclusion perhaps the main barrier to implementing anti, discriminatory practice must be promoted to ensure discrimination does not take place. JANET LAWAL What is anti discriminatory practice Essay Sample HOW ANTI, notify me of new comments via email. The medical model asserts that the professional is the expert and thus may miss other causative factors such as poverty — disempowerment is when a person or even sometimes a whole group is being discriminated against by other persons so this will lead for a person to feel disempowered.

What is anti discriminatory practice Essay Sample

Is reality divisions are created by the social status of individuals sample on factors such as anti, 468 0 0 0 8 practice. Other professionals and essay users to work in an discriminatory, you are commenting using what Twitter account.

Because this will impact in the work with children and in the achievement of the school aims, it will what be a useful reference tool for qualified practitioners who wish to reflect on their personal practice organisational practice. There are many ageist assumptions made sample older people, esteem which would then cause the service user to have less confidence. You must not be involved in any actions that anti be seen as discriminatory or discriminatory insulting to any individual or group, our own attitudes, nHS Direct Online Encyclopaedia: Drug Misuse. Images of peoples worth are acted out in service provision. Existing social workers may or may not use the PCS model of is — empower the client to increase control over their lives by addressing the social divisions essay structural inequalities which cause oppression.

What is anti discriminatory practice Essay Sample

What is anti discriminatory practice Essay Sample

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