Research:Data Collection and Analysis

Research:Data Collection and Analysis

Part V “Phase 2 Data Collection/Analysis – Groups, Teams, Conflict and Negotiation

Designing Interview Questions

  1. Refer to Activity 3 “Data Gathering (Anderson, 2018, p. 315) and read the author’s recommendations for designing effective interview questions. Simply, the interview questions should:
  2. Be nonjudgmental. That is, they should not presume a particular response or make assumptions in the question, leading the interviewee to a desired position.
  3. Be phrased as open ended, allowing the respondent maximum flexibility in answering what is important to him or her.
  4. Follow up to seek additional detail where necessary, asking the interviewee to reflect on a particular experience if he or she shares general observations, for example.”
  5. Read Chapters 10-11 in Konopaske et al. (2018)
  6. Create a set of interview questions related to this week’s themes on groups, teams, conflict, and negotiation.

Interview 3: “Groups, Teams, Conflict, and Negotiation”

  1. Conduct your third interview by gaining insights into organizational practices related to work groups, teams, managing conflict, and negotiation tactics.
  2. Based on your interview with the manager, provide a preliminary diagnosis of the exiting norms relative to working in groups, developing various types of teams, managing conflict, and utilizing negotiation tactics.
  3. What evidence supports the manager’s explanation? Which theories, models, or concepts best explain what you observed during your interview this week? How do team and group work practices inform the organizational diagnosis you conducted so far? How effective is the organization in managing conflict among individuals or groups?
  4. Draft 1-2 culturally competent recommendations for change incorporating this week’s Organizational Behavior concepts (e.g., high-performing teams, groups, and conflict).
  5. What multicultural and international issues would need to be considered in the context of work teams and managing conflict, if this organization expanded globally?

This section will be between 500-650 words in length and will be formatted in APA (6th or 7th formatting) style, including double-spaced, 12-pt font, in-text citation and references at the end of the paper (3-5 references).1 hour agoREQUIREMENTS

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